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Victorian Interior Design

Victorian Interior Design Style

Victorian interior design is as popular as ever. With a few simple accents, you can create a beautiful space, inspired by authentic Victorian design. The Victorian era saw the rise in home design. In this period, between the 1830s and 1900s, mass production made home decor affordable and accessible for a wider market.

This meant that home design was no longer just a hobby for the rich, but a movement that saw people filling their homes with beautiful trinkets, pictures and furnishings.  The more accessories, the better. Many maximalist interior trends of today nod to the Victorian era. Victorian interiors remain highly coveted, with social media trends only favoring traditional aesthetics even further.

What goes around comes around, especially in interior design. Today, designers tired of the understated minimalist look are going bigger, bolder and louder. Victorian interior design is the perfect inspiration for anyone who wants to give their home the royal treatment and isn’t afraid to go big.

The industrial revolution ushered in a whole new age of furniture manufacturing, allowing it to be produced on a large scale and driving the prices of pieces down. In terms of furniture style, Victorians often looked to either the past or to their colonies. Curved edges and scrolls a la 18th century French furniture was the most popular style in the early and middle Victorian period. In the late Victorian period, overstuffed furniture inspired by Eastern designs came into favor.

Mood lighting in dining rooms and entryways was considered essential to the Victorians. Most lighting came from wall sconces and candles, while decorative lamps achieved prominence towards the later half of the movement. Tiffany was a popular designer of the time: an authentic Tiffany lamp or a design inspired by Tiffany can help create the Victorian atmosphere in your own home.

Curtains were the preferred window treatment in the Victorian era. Made of rich, heavy fabrics, curtains were pleated and hung over gilded curtain rods. To add further opulence, the curtains were lined with silk or wool to give them an even more luxurious appearance.

The colour of the walls in a Victorian home largely depended on the room’s function. Soft tones were reserved for hallways and utility rooms, whilst rich blues, deep greens and vibrant pinks were reserved for the entertainment rooms. Wallpaper inspired by gothic tapestries became popular in the latter half of the Victorian era due to William Morris’s artwork inspired by a revival of medieval English architecture.

Parquet flooring or mid-toned polished floorboards are the way to go to copy the Victorian interior and fashion. A large, interesting rug or patterned carpet in the middle of the floor leaving a polished floorboard border is ideal which adds a special touch to the modern Victorian furniture.

Marble was popular in the home throughout the Victorian era and is easy to replicate today for your Victorian home decor. You could choose an extravagant marble feature such as a fireplace or marble-topped table or simply add touches here and there in the form of statues or decorative items. The high-quality aesthetic that marble brings to the home is just the style that the Victorians were so keen to show off and is part of a particular Victorian paint colors patterns.

When mixing in Victorian elements, it’s best to tread lightly. Too much of a good thing can feel stuffy or overdone, but mixing in a couple of beautiful antique pieces or outfitting a bare accent wall with a brocade wallpaper can add a lovely balance to an otherwise modern living space or dining room.

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