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Japanese Interior Design

Japanese Interior Design

Japanese Interior Design

Currently, we live in a society that has adopted a chaotic and stressful form of life, where we end up tired and we crave for tranquility, and simplicity. Our desire is to find a private place, serene and in order for us to claim to evade us at the end of a tough day.

Japanese Interior Design is a current trend due to the fact that it’s modifying and revolving households globally. Its unmistakable respect for nature or its exquisite taste for minimalism make Japanese interior design worthy to imitate.

in Japan, design has deep roots in tradition perhaps more than in any other country. Modern Japanese interior design has also had a lasting impact on Western architecture and interiors. The effect is especially pronounced when it comes to contemporary design. Japan’s influence is more nuanced and goes beyond clean aesthetics or materiality. From wabi-sabi to kintsugi and shou sugi ban, Japanese concepts and crafting techniques have left an indelible mark on the world of interior design.

Every Japanese-inspired living space should showcase a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world. This translates into an abundance of modest and honest materials. Apart from wood and stone, Japanese-style interiors also feature ceramics, cast iron objects, and concrete surfaces. Light or muted colors, bright white walls, large windows, uncluttered spaces, and an abundance of plants also help to create a serene and airy atmosphere.

A Japanese home always has ample space, even if the house is small. This is instilled by the practice of “Ma.” It is a design style and art of living where interior designers in Japan create a natural flow of all the items and furniture in the room. Everything has a purpose and a perfect placement. The furniture lines one or two sides of the room, while the rest of the living space is open and uncluttered.

You can also opt for wall-hangings to spruce up the room. As long as your design ideas maintain a flow of natural materials with large open spaces, you are good to go.

The Japanese are great at combining natural materials and elements with modernism. Implement this design style of minimalism and form by introducing natural elements in your interior design.  Use sky-lights, large windows, and glass doors to contribute plenty of natural light . Add some natural wallpapers, or straw carpets and furniture made of natural wood with a minimalist design.

You can add various indoor plants such as Bonsai trees, ferns, etc. You can also use Japanese style flower arrangements, also known as the art of Ikebana, to add some color to the room. Play with natural tones of beige, brown, and, shades of blue and green to induce a sense of nature.

The Japanese also use sliding doors and windows to help save valuable space in their minimalist home. The idea was originally implemented to avoid the space taken up by swinging door panels that got in the way of other nearby furniture. At the time Shoji was incorporated to save space while keeping the house well-lit with natural light.

You can easily incorporate these sliding panels into your design ideas. Use modern window designs with glass panels and bamboo screens. You can also use large sliding glass doors in the interiors of the house, such as for balconies, backyards, etc. Furthermore, you can also use sliding doors for closets, both walk-in and regular.

The most important point to keep in mind, while incorporating Japanese interior design into your design style, is to keep it simple. Embrace minimalism and create a smooth flow with the art of wabi-sabi. Nothing has to be perfect, but everything should have a place and purpose. You can combine Japanese interior design with the Scandinavian style of design. They both follow a simple concept of using minimalism and structure to define the house.

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