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Greek Interior Design

Greek Interior Design

Greek Interior Design

When you think of Greece, the color blue most certainly comes to mind. It’s the color of their flag, and this Greek blue can be seen on rooftops, fishing boats, and nearly everywhere around Greece. It’s also the color of the gorgeous blue water on the coast!

If you have ever visited modern Greece, then you know that it is a place that is filled with sunshine and deep blue seas. Greeks have a relaxed lifestyle and their home decorating reflects just this. Keep in mind that Greek interior design is minimalist even Spartan in its lack of intricacies. This is the difference between the modern Greek style and the ornate designs of the past.

Its clear as crystal water, dazzling natural backgrounds continue to attract modern architects and interior designers, offering a fresh and aesthetically pleasing range of design options. The Greeks continue to influence architecture and art, and have for thousands of years.

Greek style is simple and elegant, inspired by nature, and looks light, bright, airy and clean. Types of mediterranean interior design. A period of maximum splendor of culture, in the main traditions of architecture and construction in stone and marble. The greek architectural design is the main influence behind the greek Mediterranean decor, which is seen in the circular columns and pillars. Ancient greece interior design & furniture. The history of any culture is inextricably linked with the stages of development of its state, and often the neighboring one. Designs are simple, symmetrical, classical, and relaxing.

Greek homes typically display white washed walls, with beautiful bright blue decorated timber windows. The white and colour combination is typically reflected in the interior, with a nearly pure white background mixed with inflections of varying blue tones, from turquoise to sky blue, navy blue to pale azure; even ultramarine.

Greek flooring is covered with natural stone made up of marble or limestone to produce a feel of nature in the home. Area carpets, which feature stripe like decorations, typically with flowers, trellis and traditional themes, are used rather than wall to wall carpeting. Combining this natural stone look with wood flooring really helps to give a home a rural look and feel.

The Greeks are infamous for their statues, so having a Greek inspired statue in your home is a great way to top off that Greek atmosphere in your home. While it’s most important to make sure you opt for something that complements your interior design,  if you opt for the classic Greek whites and blues, with a natural flooring, there is no replacement for an authentic Greek statue.

There’s some beautifully hand crafted furniture items you can select for your living space. In a Greek Interior wood is the most common material for furnishings especially for items such as tripod tables and stools. Textured fabrics to woven or patterned provide a great touch to the wooden surface. For sofas and chairs try for simple yet refined designs with subtle curves.

Pick some common Mediterranean plants for your pots such as lavender, thyme, rosemary, oleander and geraniums and opt for strong and rustic furniture made from cast iron or wood. To make your outdoor space look more authentic try for white and cracked walls. A good tip to get the cracked effect is to sandpaper your walls. You can also mix fine cement and fine sand onto your walls to create a dry impression.

As you can see the Greek culture still has a huge impact on modern architecture and interior design; there is so much to learn from the Greeks and Ancient Greece in terms of designing your dream home.


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