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American Interior Design Style

American Interior Design Style

American Interior Design Style

American style is a kind of colonial, which became independent with time. The basis of this direction was formed by the refined English classics. However, creatively rethinking this design concept, the American style evolved towards universality. This is primarily a reserved, cozy and quite neutral framing of a residential interior.

The style evolved throughout the colonial period of American history. Early elements began in the 16th and 17th centuries. These homes were even more bare-bones and practicality-oriented than their later counterparts. Basic plank construction of both the structure and furniture were very common.

As the style developed, the simple furniture became more advanced, moving towards the American Craftsman style. Features such as dovetail joints, mortise and tenon, turned shapes started to emerge. Nonetheless, a lot of furniture continued to have a simple, honest and sturdy look and feel.

A distinctive feature of American homes is the desire to push the boundaries of space, abandoning unnecessary partitions. Usually, the zoning of the space is thematic. Typically, people often combine the living room with the kitchen and dining room or the living room with a lounge. Popular techniques are changing the texture of the floor (for example, from a tile to a wood) or lowering its level.

Creating an American Colonial aesthetic should involve a color palette made up of white, natural wood and a few basic colors. The most common colors were barn red, indigo blue and tallow ochre. Certain other options such as optical green were introduced a little later.

The living room in American style does not have a characteristic color. Wall are usually finished with wallpaper, supplemented with wooden panels at the bottom of the wall. Since the living room is combined with a kitchen, it is necessary to zone the space with the help of two types of light. A Sofa, a couple of chairs and a coffee table are the central composition of a living room.

Think about some of the other major elements of your room. If you expect to have dark woodwork, consider a lighter even cream colored rug that can add brightness to the room. Alternatively, you can create a cozy space with a richly colored piece. The American Colonial aesthetic is quite flexible. The key is to focus on simplicity and practicality with your rugs as with all other elements of décor.

A rocking chair or a coffee table with wicker elements will look cozy. All the main furniture is in the center, and the walls are bedside tables made of solid wood. There are book and flower shelves. There are also some accessories.

American-style kitchen interior design often involves the division of space with the help of arches, bar counters, partitions and multi-level ceilings, as well as through color contrasts.

. Speaking about the colors that are relevant in the kitchen in this style, a range of neutral tones prevails here. Bright shades are quite rare. White color can be seen on the facades of kitchen cabinets.

Usually, a kitchen set is placed against the wall. But, if space allows, you can place the work area (island) in the center of the room. The dining area usually is separated from the kitchen interior. The kitchen-living room should have a central chandelier, as well as spotlights above the work surface. Accessories such as curtains, flowerpots with flowers, paintings in wooden frames and textile decoration elements are necessary elements.

The typical atmosphere of the American bedroom is restrained, not abounding in decor, but at the same cozy. The furniture is massive, stable, few: comfortable wide bed, chest of drawers, bedside tables, wardrobe and dressing table. If there is enough space, you can also equip the dressing room. The color palette of the bedroom is calm and based on the contrast of dark or mahogany and light finish. Each piece of decor should be in its corner and organically complement, but do not overload the space.

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