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Toys and Books for Hospitalized Children

Babies and children are treated at the hospital every year.
Our vision is that all children who are treated at the hospitals have the best care and experience possible.

For children in hospital, Toys, books and stories are particularly important – they comfort, distract, reassure and entertain.
We provide a regular supply of brand toys and new books along with storyteller visits to brighten up the days of children in all of the main children’s hospitals.
Children who are unable to leave their beds can choose books from our specially designed mobile bookcase which wheels right up to their bedside.
Because they are brand new, the books and the toys are safe for those at high risk of infection.

Our Registry and Wishlists:

  • Books and Toys.
  • Craft materials (markers, glue, paints, etc.) – must be non-toxic.
  • Pillows, duvets and sheets so parents can have a comfortable night.

*Before you donate please consider the following: We only accept new and unwrapped items.

Every day is a chance for you to make a difference.
These extraordinary hospitals have always depended on charitable support to give ill children the best chance to fulfil their potential.
Only with your help, we can be there for those patients when they need it most.

How do I send/deliver my donation?