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Home Addition Where To Start

Home Addition Where To Start

Home Addition Where To Start

Home addition is space that you can legitimately claim as your own creation.  Building an addition is like designing a whole new house without the expense of a whole new house. Few remodeling projects are as thrilling and creatively satisfying as working with the blank slate that addition-building affords you.

if you were building a new house or even completely remodeling your entire existing home you could let your creativity and personal taste lead you in almost any style direction you want. But when you’re adding onto an existing home, You have less freedom to choose because you have to work with the existing style of the home.

Many design professionals will tell you that stylistically (and to get the best return on investment later) you want the design of your house addition to blend in with that of the original house. It doesn’t have to match exactly, but it should complement it, perhaps even step down the level of ornamentation rather than try to compete for attention with the existing house.

Doubling the size of your house with a new addition is not identical to, say, putting a second bath in that small back bedroom, but the steps in the process essentially match. The bigger the project, the more time, money, and headaches are involved, but it is generally a matter of very similar elements. Home additions and remodeling projects, while different, both begin with the same steps.

After you have a thorough understanding of your existing house, you are equipped to think about renovation ideas. It’s time to define the task and to put some notion of what you want to do on paper.

Regardless of the scope of your project, the first step is to decide what you want and need. Thus, you need to explore those desires. The next step toward actual construction, will be to create—or have created—plans that conform to the require­ments of local building ordinances. But in moving toward those plans, you need to make numerous subjective decisions about style and materials and answer a multitude of questions for yourself or your architect/designer.

So, at this stage, you should be able to describe in ten words or less the nature of the remodeling you would like to have done. Much more can be said about size, configuration, style, finish, and other details, but in the simplest possible terms, how would you answer a friend or neighbor who inquires, I hear you’re thinking of remod­eling?

When you are considering building an addition, the idea typically stems from a specific need a Master Suite so that you can enjoy a larger private space; an expanded kitchen so that you can cook and entertain the way you really want; a play area for kids or teens that’s out of the way but still safe.


Additions are great ways to add elements that truly have an impact on the way you live in your home. Beyond simply increasing space, an addition helps you create a home that aligns with your lifestyle. If you find yourself in a home that you know you could love if only a certain space was enhanced, then an addition may be right for you.

Second-Story Remodeling Options
There are at least four ways to expand vertically during your home renovation. How you go about your second story addition plans will depend on your preferences, foundation requirements for adding a second story, and building regulations.

  • Build from scratch: One option involves tearing off the roof and building a whole new upper level from scratch. This is likely what you would do if you’re adding a second story to a ranch-style house.
  • Replace roof: Another is to sever the existing roof around the edges and lift it off temporarily, then put it back in place after the new level has been framed in.
  • Expand: The third tactic for your house addition is to expand an upper level out across an existing one-story section, such as a flat-roof garage or porch.
  • Modular Designs: A modular second-story addition is designed and built off-site and brought, fully built, to your existing home. It is often the quickest and most cost-effective way to add a second story to your home.

You can keep the frustration to a minimum by choosing a building team you love working with. Therefore, the most important thing to remember when considering this type of construction is to hire an expert. The professional has experience and knowledge that can help you evaluate the market, set your budget, acquire the necessary permits, and complete your project on time. Check in with this contractor and visit the site often to make sure everything is happening the way you want.


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