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Home Staging – Introduction

Home Staging – Introduction

Those looking to sell or rent out their property are faced with a market that is more competitive than ever and for that reason they need to go to lengths that were simply not necessary a few years ago in order to make their homes stand out in a crowded market place. Improving a property’s appeal by transforming it into an attractive and welcoming home that appeals to the widest possible audience has become the order of the day and more people than ever are seeking out professional help to ensure that their homes are the ones that buyers are snapping up.

Home Stagers, or Property Stylists as they are also called, are increasingly being called in to help people give their home the best possible chance of sale or rental. Home staging is the process of preparing, packaging and presenting your home for sale, in a way so that it appeals to the widest possible audience and sells for the highest possible price. Stagers generally try and work mostly with what the home owner already has in order to reduce the overall spending.

This process usually involves depersonalizing the space by clearing clutter; rearranging existing furniture to maximize space and light, cleaning the house top to bottom and inside and out, painting rooms in a neutral color palette and replacing carpets or floors if necessary, making any necessary repairs and updates inside and outside the house; and lastly bringing in new furniture and accessories to dress the space to create a warm and welcoming environment.
With staging you are trying to create an inviting home that the buyers will fall in love with.

You have a few options when looking to stage your home. You can choose to do the process yourself (DIY) or you can bring in a professional staging company to do the work on your behalf. In some cases, you could also do a combination of these options.

DIY: If you’re confident in your abilities to design and present the property, or you simply want to save some cash, doing your home staging yourself can be a good option. Things you might want to consider include: repainting and touching up the walls, rearranging your furniture, adding new throw pillows, removing any personal photos or décor and adding warm touches like fresh flowers.

Professional Stagers: If you’re looking for a more hands-off way to stage your home, you can opt for a professional stager or staging company. These are experts in the field who often have interior decorating, design or even real estate experience that can work in your favor.

Even if you have plenty of cash, don’t put too much money into the staging process. You want to emphasize the home’s best features, but keep in mind that what sells the home and what makes the home usable for the buyer are not necessarily the same thing. Overall, to get the most bang for your buck, your home staging efforts should be designed to appeal to the widest possible range of buyers. The more people willing to submit purchase offers for your home, the higher the selling price will be.

Home staging may increase the likelihood that you’ll sell your property and do so quickly, and for top-dollar. If you’re on a tight timeline or looking to boost your profits on the sale, home staging can certainly help. It also can be beneficial if your market is particularly competitive for sellers by ensuring your home is memorable, beautiful and stands out from the rest.


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