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Types Of Flooring

Types Of Flooring

Types Of Flooring

Whenever we start a project, I don’t think about the flooring design in isolation – it has to be fully integral to what we’re trying to achieve within the overall aesthetic and layout of that particular floor level. From a more practical point of view we discuss with our clients what flooring is best for the kitchen and what flooring is best for the bathroom and work back from those key practical spaces to find a palette of materials that ties the entire home together.

Wood flooring is one of the latest trends in floorings. The best thing about wood floors is that they can easily go with any style. So, whether your home decor is rustic, modern, or eclectic, these awesome hardwood floors can be decorated with any theme and style. Like, if you’re going for a mid-century theme, go with teal furniture as it brings out that awesome vibes. Walnut wooden cabinets look absolutely fabulous with the solid oak hardwood flooring in the kitchen. You can also include some vintage wooden light fixtures to complete the industrial look.

When using ceramic tile to tackle a renovation project, make the material’s versatility work as much as possible for you. Plan the kind of ambiance you want to create in any given room and select colours and finishes that will help achieve it. Bright colours help enhance the light. Earthy & ochre colours transmit serenity. Blues, greens & browns can be used to create natural spaces while the contrast of black & white adds simplicity & elegance.

Combining finishes & textures in ceramic tile help break up the linear nature of a room and make it more dynamic. Relief and “volume” finishes, as well as large format tiles, enable you to change the apparent dimensions of a room and play with the light. Imitations of wood and stone give a greater sense of comfort and create references to natural elements.

Floor carpet designs come in an extensive array of shades and budgets to suit every room. Carpet (wall-to-wall) is a fantastic option for quiet and barefoot areas, like bedrooms, closets, and office areas. Wall-to-wall installation can make little spaces seem larger. The maintenance of carpet is well-known, and commonly carpet gets replaced every five to ten years. It is typically affordable if in nylon, soft underfoot, and warm. Almost all carpet is recyclable, however, it’s also a tricky one for those with pets because a loose weave can readily be destroyed by little claws.

Whether you choose stone tiles or hardwoods, each of these materials can be set into patterns when installed. For all non-carpet flooring options, checkerboard layouts are timeless, while mosaic patterns catch the eye with their energetic appearance, seeming to always be in movement. You can also be creative with your floors’ borders or by integrating different plank or tile colors into the design.

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