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Moroccan Interior Design

Moroccan Interior Design

Moroccan Interior Design

Morocco’s eclectic history as a major crossroads between cultures and religions has given birth to an interior design style oozing with colour, geometry, texture and warmth. From patterned encaustic tiles and colourful Moroccan rugs, to plush furniture and intricate decorations, this bustling and enticing aesthetic often proves a firm favourite for those looking to balance modern and traditional elements.

Thanks to its popularity, this style is now relatively easy to achieve – without having to take a trip to North Africa. Focus on patterns, warm colour, organic materials and authenticity – and that means avoiding over-refining any one aspect. To achieve genuine Moroccan style,  throw a couple of floor cushions around a wooden coffee table and enjoy dining with a difference.

In terms of architecture, the style commonly uses u-shaped doors and entryways in the traditional Islamic keyhole design. Domes are common in architecture as well. It also tends to include open courtyards, water fountains, and gardens. This design also uses lots of ceramic mosaic tiles. They are often bold and brightly colored and there is no limit to where they are used. The tiles frame doorways and windows, create tabletops, accent pieces like walls, mirrors, and picture frames, and more.

Thanks to globalization we now have access to a bounty of magical Moroccan rugs including the iconic Beni Ourain rugs. Add some classic Moroccan floor cushions to your coloured tiled floors to create the perfect base to build a Moroccan style room.

Coloured glass and metal pendants and lamps are another recognisable feature of Moroccan interiors. Widely available in all shapes and sizes, the gentle glow of Moroccan lights and lamps add a sensuousness to any space.

Moroccan interiors can feature a clash of bold patterns and colours – including metallics – that somehow work by breaking all the rules. It is this flamboyance and confidence that concocts a bohemian charm and interest to any room.

For your finishing pieces add pillows and floor cushions in abundance and drape some luxurious, embellished fabrics, wherever you can. They add some woven baskets and other hand-crafted décor pieces – evocative of Africa to complete a seductive Moroccan style interior.

Located between Europe and Africa, Morocco and Moroccan interiors are a gorgeous and heady blend of French, Spanish, Persian, Islamic and African styles. Given Morocco is such a cultural melting pot, Moroccan interiors also have the advantage of being able to be artfully blended with almost every other form of décor.
Moroccan interior design has many more beautiful details that can be included in your own design.

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